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Why do you need to be creative and original when it's digital marketing? And When?

An "inside digital marketing dilemma" is whether to be just present when your customer is looking for you or to be creative and original?

The simple answer is Creative and original, but let's take a closer look to figure out if your business requires creative and original digital marketing.

When you're into marketing, you know the most important thing is to identify and reach out to those who are in need of your service or products.

In 2021, there's a change in that. You no longer need to reach out. Rather you need to be visible when the customer reaches out to you.

Here's how they reach out to you;

As always, someone in need cares. A real prospect cares. Care is in the details.

Details such as

  • Is it available to me?

  • Who makes it?

  • What are the features?

  • Price?

  • Who all makes it?

  • Who is the best?

  • All these details are at your fingertips.

If someone's asking these questions, they're looking for your product or service. Your chance to help him or her out with the great product or service you have built for them.

You know how your customers find you; They search to visit your social media handles and website.

The big question here is; Are you available to your prospects when they're looking for you with your website and social media properties?

So are your competitors.

That's where how good you do really matters. Being creative and original is the only way to really win your customers over your competitors.

So here's the answer to whether to be just present when your customer is looking for you or be creative and original?

  • If you are in a fiercely competitive market, you have to be original and creative.

  • If you want to be the market leader and expect competition to step up anytime, you have to be original and creative.

  • To Build a close-knit community around your brand, you have to be original and creative.

  • Pretty much, if you're out to build your dream business that grows beyond a regular small business, you have to be original and creative.

Here are a few ways to identify whether you need to rethink your digital marketing strategies for a more creative and original approach.

  • No or very low engagement for your social media activities

  • Are you just sharing information?

  • You don't have a human face in your marketing mix?

  • No conversions on your website, irrespective of a lot of visits?

  • High bounce rate on your website?

  • A large number of followers and low engagement for your content?

  • You haven't done a photoshoot recently

If your answer to most of the above questions is "Yes" it's time you rethink your digital marketing to be original and creative.

Well, As a leading digital marketing agency in Kochi what's the Bash tip here?

When it's digital marketing, you have to;

  • Start where you are.

  • Use what you have.

  • Do what you can.

And be present first. Then Be creative and original. This is all about where you stand now.

Some businesses are not present, then the focus shall be on being present when your customer is looking for you with what you have. Some other businesses are already present, but not doing well and losing out to competitors, get creative and original. And those who start out with a proper business plan and resources, get creative and original.

Talk to us, As a leading digital marketing agency in Kochi, We understand every business is unique with its own challenges. We'll help in deciding what to do from where you are, what you have, and what you can do.

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