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Social Media Strategy, simplified.


If you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or a manager responsible for branding and sales, social media strategy would have hit you hard.

As a social media marketing company in Kochi, Kerala, We at Bash have tested a lot of social media practices, failed, succeeded, and found that there's a pattern, though high level, you can follow. Any business owner, marketer or social media enthusiasts can follow when planning branding on social media.

Here's how it goes. 


First of all, the strategy is a big, buzz word, let's quickly define what we mean by strategy. A strategy is making sense of your goal; a goal becomes achievable only when you know how to achieve it. That knowledge is the strategy. The logical steps and planning form your social media strategy.


Often the goal in social media is a Brand building which then leads to inquiries and sales. Brand building on social media stands for the following;

a. Finding your customers

b. Engaging with them

c. Getting Enquiries

d. Sales

e. Building a Relationship

f. Nurturing


While on the other hand, the customer goes through the same stages as you're approaching them. Customer's

a. Finding your brand

b. Engaging with your brand

c. Enquiring about the product or service

d. Buying something

e. Experiencing the product and loving it or hating it

f. Coming back for more

It's Your Customers lifecycle with Your Brand on Social Media


So are you ready for your customers?

Are they able to find your brand on social media?

Do you give something for them to engage in?

Are you appealing to their need for your product?

Is your sales funnel, ready?

Are customers buying your product?

Are they loving it, coming back, and letting you know they did love your product?

What are you doing to resell or to continuously engage your audience?

Does Your Social Media Content, Promotions, and Activities Justify Your Customer at various stages of this lifecycle?

Have you thought about these?


Well, planning Content and Promotion (Ads) for each stage of the customer's lifecycle is the social media strategy.

You cannot have the same content for all customers who'd have found your product today and someone who's found it a year ago.

Content shall be created for new customers, existing customers, and future customers who've never heard of your brand.

Each of these sets needs different approaches.


What's a good fit social media strategy, then? Here's the best from our digital marketing experience;

A 3 step process -





Impress: Like in real life, the first step of a relationship is to create an impression on people whom you'd want to associate with. Whether you deliberately create

an impression or you don't, an impression is made in the person who's in touch with you, seen you, or dealt with you in some ways. It can be positive or negative.

The point is to somehow be present in front of the people whom you'd want to impress and that's the first step.

In the virtual world/social media, it's the first step too.

Be present in front of people whom you'd want to acquire as customers and build a great relationship, but the first impression is going to impact what they're going to think about your brand.

Whether they'd want to come and take a look at your profile, engage with the rest of your content, and follow you. So to create a good first impression, your brand shall be presented in a nice way either through good creative, photography, or video. Often the way to reach new customers is to run paid ads on social media platforms.

(This strategy Part is detailed in another post) 


You've impressed your target audience, you've made them your follower and now they'll be expecting value from you. At this stage, your content shall give them more information, offers, fun, buying support, and more.

You slowly build a relationship through your posts. This stage, you may want to engage with your customers by getting them to ask you questions or responding to their comments.

Slowly the trust is built to get your customers to buy something from you which is going to make their life better.

(This strategy Part is detailed in another post)


This stage is also important in the long run as these customers bring more customers to your brand via word of mouth (Shares on social media). But you'll have to inspire them by making them feel better about the product or service you offer.

This stage isn't just a social media part but it's also about how well your product or service performs. You shall focus on Content that communicates to your customer's ideals, how you and your product is making a difference in the lives of customers and society at large.

(This strategy Part is detailed in another post)

Bash SDM is a digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala with strong content creation skills, design aptitude and an in depth understanding of digital marketing scope for various businesses.

We offer complete digital marketing solutions which include a market analysis, digital strategy, digital campaigns, creative direction, design and implementation to all businesses. We also work on stand-alone services like;

Digital marketing consulting | Social media campaigns | Search engine optimization | Google Ads, Paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.

We also have a small business digital campaign plan: One time campaign; this include audience research, campaign idea, and creative design and setting up promotion. This will help small businesses run campaigns as they need without having to maintain an agency.

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Bash SDM is a digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala. We help brands and organisations with content creation. Create awareness, sell products and services, and generate leads via digital marketing with Bash.






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