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Social Media Strategy Explained - Part 1; How to get your Target Audience's attention when you start

We have already discussed the larger social media strategy to create a strong digital brand with the following three processes in place;




The first step in the digital marketing strategy is to create an impression in your audience. Everything comes after; interest, engagement, sales, becoming a loyal fan and an ambassador later.

Everything on the way is possible only if you’re able to get the attention first. Be able to impress first. As a digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala, here we discuss how we can impress on social media and on other digital platforms at large.

Taking into consideration the current digital scenario, regardless of the type of business you run, the necessity to establish an online presence is a must. But as a business, if your objective is to have a strong position in the market, there’s no other alternative than impressing your targeted audience by appealing to their tastes, interests, and fears.

Therefore, to create a thriving social media presence, you are required to be a little creative here. And how do you get creative? Learning more about your customers. To achieve it, the ability to ‘Impress’ is the first step in the social media strategy for building a relationship and inspiring your customers to do better.

Being a digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala, Bash Strategic Digital Marketing has conceived and tested diverse social media strategies and social media campaigns over time and figured out what actually works and not. Any business owner, marketer or social media enthusiasts can follow these steps to create a strong social media presence by engaging your audience.


With every single business, despite the size, investment, and revenue, turning out to have a strong online presence, the necessity to market your brand and stand out of the crowd is really critical.

Creating a strong presence on various social media platforms definitely takes some work, but with the first step taken correctly which is to IMPRESS your audience, it can lead to BUILDING a sustainable social media branding for your business, that can pay off in the long run by INSPIRING a lot of potential customers to avail your products or services.


Considering the practicality of reaching out to your targeted audiences during the initial stages of your social media actions, the best way to IMPRESS them would be to run strong advertising campaigns.

Your audience may be more receptive to your brand message on social media as it allows you to be more conversational and show a different side of your brand.


Along with your ads, actively post interesting content detailing your products or services and also trivial pieces of information in your social media platforms that are related to your area of operation.

Through these continuous efforts, your visitors must be IMPRESSED to follow you.

Users follow brands on social media and engage with their profiles because they find the content and information in these social media campaigns valuable. Irrespective of their perspectives of looking for deals or enjoying content or learning about the brand, social media users are always open to engaging with brands on social media channels that come out with promising content and information.


If you are in quest of ways to connect with your audiences on a deeper level, creating advertisements and campaigns implementing some of the basic psychological marketing principles can help you attract, engage, and build emotional bonds with your target audience.

Stunning or amazing or even evoking fun and fear in your audience with your ad copy and content can gain your brand instant attention. Challenging them intellectually with questions or poking, and using number games are also other methods you can use while creating content that can get attention.

Here are some examples of how we did it?



Human beings are curious creatures. If a particular social media content has the potential to evoke curiosity in us, we’ll engage with that piece of content simply because we have to know/learn more. We can’t help ourselves during this process.

To IMPRESS, means to capture the attention of your audience through the interesting social media contents that you share. The curiosity generated can lead to users or audience getting to your profile/account to see the rest of it and know more about your brand, it’s products or services.


The contents that you share on your social media has the potential to turn your brand into a household name and turn your audience into fans. Knowing your audience is the key when it comes to finding success with social media and social media campaigns.

Therefore, the interest and need of your audience should determine the type of content you should be sharing, which will engage your audience. The content that you share should always be of high quality and relevance. Having enough content can impress and convince a visitor to turn a follower.

Bash SDM

Bash SDM is a digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala with strong content creation expertise, design aptitude, and an extensive understanding of digital marketing scope for various businesses.

We offer complete digital marketing services in Kochi which include a market analysis, digital strategy, digital campaigns, creative direction, design, and implementation to all enterprises. We also work on exclusive services like- Digital marketing consulting, Social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Paid campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.

We also have a small business digital campaign plan: One-time campaign; which includes audience research, campaign idea, and creative design and setting up of promotion. These services are with the objective to help small businesses run campaigns according to their need, without having to maintain an agency.


Bash SDM is a digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala. We help brands and organisations with content creation. Create awareness, sell products and services, and generate leads via digital marketing with Bash.






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