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What the big piece you are missing in the digital marketing picture?

It's content creation.

What you really need to think first about is, not digital publishing and promotion, but great content. But today, as the market is still new, publishing is misunderstood to be digital marketing.

And why do we specifically say this? Do you believe in "Create, they will come", but that's no longer the case with an influx of interesting content not just from the competition but also from other industries.

Most of your time shall go into the crux of all marketing; Content creation, in digital marketing as well. If you have a good piece of content, even if you know nothing about digital marketing, you will still reach most of your target audience, get leads and close sales. If you're an expert in digital publishing and promotion, you may reach all your target audience, that's the only difference.

Why more interesting Content than promotion?

Unlike TV, users are not forced to watch your video, view your image or read your content, they can skip, not look, not read what you give if it's not interesting/not talking to them/ not solving their problem/ beating around the bush or it's no fun. So it doesn't really matter how much you push your content, if it's not new/ relevant / personal, you'll not make a difference, rather you'll not get a chance to make a difference; they’ll skip.

So what goes into content creation?

Content is king. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Kochi, we know the importance of the content creation to reach the real target in the digital platforms. Types of contents, as you normally expect, are photographs, a range of videos, write ups, creative and other interactive media and games. But what goes into content creation is what makes your content useful to your audience.

  • The very first point about content creation is to have it original, something that you have done or you have commissioned. Digital audience have a special radar for fake or copied content.

  • Great photographs of your product might not be of great appeal if your customers cannot connect to them. First comes connect, then comes your product. Even if the product is less important in a photograph, if there's good connect, we'd suggest you to stick to the one that can connect.

  • Digital Videos, simply need to be quick and original. Like photographs, they don't have to be featuring your product or service but the results, or after effects or simply a social cause, that can somewhere connect to your intention. For example, you can get a local singer to develop a song about the larger cause you stand for or get a familiar face to feature the cause in a funny way. Videos create unlimited possibilities to make your brand viral overnight if thought applied.

  • Articles/Blogs - Articles have been the oldest way of content creation and it still stands today; these today go a long way as articles/blogs on the website, Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles or guest blogging - Even today with the influx of videos and photos, article still have its fair share of readers as its silent, convenient and absolutely clear.

  • Creative - A creative is an art through which an idea is conveyed. Through a creative, a character is given to your brand, a way to recall the brand when it’s seen anywhere. This helps in converting online efforts to offline business or goals.

So the takeaway is "Create great content and they'll come. If you are limited by time, money or other resources and have to work things in a limited setup, you can still manage your digital marketing with great content. Great content starts from keen observation and being genuine.

Worried about creativity, here's a tip; genuineness may replace creativity to an extent.