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Naming your business can be a stressful process. Solve it like a stratup pro!

Starting a business, aah.. you have to name it. Here's an insight that might be very comforting for you as an entrepreneur.

Here I'm going to give you a super simple way to name your business and reason why should you do it this way and not the other way.

Naming can be really simple. Give your business your name, your location, your sir name or house name, even your mentors or favorite stars name (If there's no legal limitations) and the product or service you're going to provide via this business.

Eg: Ajeesh's Mini Wallets, Sulthan's Elanchi bake house, Sandeep's Yoga, Athul's Electronic Arts, Ananthu's Solo Adventures, Renny's Process Consulting, Bitten' by Anoop, Jeena's curry world and more.

This advice looks too simple? Now let me tell you why is it the best in today's digital marketing era where you're going to promote your business via digital channels

such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Here's why you should do it?

1. Tell me your story: Your customer wants to know your story. When you name your business as Ajeesh's Mini Wallets, you've already created an interest in your customer

as they would genuinely want to know about why is it special, why's he making it. If you name your business "Freehand Mini Wallets", it's going to be a lot less personal and general.

2. Your Cirle of Customers: Your first set of customers are more likely to be someone who know you, your work, your skillsets, your commitment and your character. It's through you they are going

to know more about your product or services. They're more likely to connect and share if there's that personal equation intrinsically feeling within.

3. You are committed to your name like no one else. A motication, commitment and drive comes from working on your business named after you.

4. The thin line between business and personal life online is vanishing. It's in fact doing wonders for some by making their passion, their life. You keep your business life separate from your personal when both are different. All out for something that you excel at, there's no longer a difference.

5. Wildly successful? Going to be the next Amazon? Well, hire a naming expert and rename.

6. The best thing about naming your business after something as easy as your name, it saves you a lot of time for the most important startup activities which will decide your success than the contribution of your name to your brand's success.

What's the alternative naming solution?

This is a tough world of ideas connecting the dots. But I promised, I'd keep it simple. If you have something connecting the dots for you, making it meaningful, there are a few resoureces online

helping you making the name process easy, here's one from Entrepreneur magazine, 7 Tips for Naming Your Business, sounds good to us.