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Does your business really need a website?

You don't really need a website unless your business is into ecommerce, focuses on SEO to generate leads or sales.

We've often been asked this question by many small and large businesses, start-ups and other initiatives.

The answer is a tricky, but it must be addressed. Here are the answers;

No, you don't need a website if you're a small business that is

a. Not offering any products or services online, ie, you're not into any e-commerce activity

b. You're not generating leads via search engine optimization

c. You're not into a sensitive business where your credibility needs to be verified by checking up online.

What is the inconvenience if you don't have a website?

a. Many larger service providers like social media platforms, search engines all try to verify your website address as a proof that you're a legitimate business.

b. A business email id is often seen a sign of a real business. When you communicate from a business email id, you’re often taken more seriously.

c. Some listing services or search engine tools doesn't allow you without a website to complete registration.

Now, develop a website if you're

a. Business that's being searched on search engines by your customers to find your services or products

b. E-commerce, obviously

c. If you're a business that's which has high chances of fraud.

Often when people are starting up, one of the easy advices is to start a website without considering the ROI, future investments or a plan to make it a part of the business.

So when you start a new business, weigh your benefits from a website vs benefits from other channels.

What are alternatives to a website?

a. All your social media channels can act as your website if you're into selling desirable products or services.

b. Have basic website to maintain your brand's credibility. These can be built on website building platforms such as WordPress or Wix.

Takeaway: If you're starting up, Consider your SEO chances and number of people visiting the website before building a large one. Your website budget could well be spent into other marketing activities.

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