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Can you do digital marketing for your business on your own?

Can you do it? The answer is  'Yes', you can. Any business owner with basic or even no knowledge of digital marketing can do his own digital Marketing.

Should you do it? The answer is 'NO', generally. What's the catch? Let me tell you upfront; It's the priorities of an entrepreneur life.

First, You can do it. Why & How? I can hear your question, what about the design, campaigns, editing, ads? And the answer to that is; If you're not good at or you don't know editing or designing at all, you  can still do an amazing job by being different. That's the beauty of digital marketing; the ability to stand out.

Because great digital marketing is all about a couple of important qualities you can bring into your activities, and those qualities integrated into your content; it removes the limitations; 1. Honest, I'd say Brutally honest, a business owner can be honest. 2. Tell people how you're going to solve their problem 3. Share the moments like the way you are.

As a Digital marketer in Kochi since 2008, I can't stress more on the importance of the above qualities. Now let's take a look at how you can implement these qualities into something interesting. if you're creating content on your own for digital marketing, consider the following ready to implement items, and pick the best that suits you; 1. Product photography: photos alone can drive your digital marketing efforts if you're into a business that support the possibilities of photography campaign. Catch; Even if your product cannot be subject of photography, you can work around this by combining with something much more interesting. 2. Videos: Some products or services naturally create interesting products while others need creative intervention. Videos can be created to entertain, educate, solve problems, showcase skills, features and even for social experiments. One can do it on her own or take help of video makers. 3. Blogs: Not everyone prefers videos and photos, there are readers if you can offer value. It's vital to know How to write an interesting blog or an article for today's scanners (nowadays we don't read, we scan first or read the first few lines and either skip or scan the rest for important points) not readers. 4. Interviews: Another version of making what you have to say interesting; by talking to another person, you're being more real. This can be done as videos or text. 5. Influences: Find someone who's already good at doing something, influencing others and get them to feature your products or services.

There's more but when you do it on your own, learning comes as a must. If you're planning to do digital marketing on your own, it'd be great to associate with skilled freelancers or companies for specific services only.  These services can be graphic design, video editing, video creation or social media posting.

Second, You Shouldn't do it. Why and what's the alternative? As a business owner, you're often stuck with deliverables, plans, product innovation, employee management; and that's important to keep your business going and often marketing waits. Running a digital marketing company in Kochi, I don't find time to market our own business, it's always the digital marketing for our clients, they're the priority. Often I push the promotion of our own business to the last in my priority and that shouldn't be the case, your promotion is shall have an equal priority to sustain and grow in the long run. This is the case with most business owners, the first priority is always the customer. If that sounds pretty much like your business, you shouldn't do digital marketing on your own.

What should you do? Delegate. Digital marketing is all about staying in touch with your clients in a timely manner that you are not forgotten when the customer needs your product or service. You can either Delegate to a good digital marketer who'd understand your business like you do and create and engage with your customers in a timely manner. or If you can create content, Find someone who'd manage your social media and engage in a timely manner.

Remember you should have a digital marketing calendar and you should stick to it. Sticking to a certain time (Daily, weekly, biweekly) to share your content is vital and your person shall stick to it. There are many simple mistakes you can avoid in your digital marketing. Having a dedicated resource will help you stay out of silly errors and missing content uploading altogether.

Bash SDM is a digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala. While we manage complete digital marketing for businesses, it's content creation that thrills us to do it everyday. We can think of extraordinary ways to present products or services to your target audience, Design stunning ads to run online paid af campaigns, create videos fast and cheap and above all stay committed to consistent delivery of digital marketing campaigns.

Author: Ajeesh Jose Ajeesh is a digital marketer with over 12 years of experience. Started with among the very few Google AdWords Professionals in Kochi in 2008, he's grown with the evolution of digital marketing. At Bash, he creates digital strategy and drives digital campaigns for various brands. You can talk to him on 9746038974 or email