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8 Must Have Steps to Build a Solid Digital Brand

Many businesses are considering digital marketing now. As an evolving area of business, it’s important to understand the steps you must follow to run a successful campaign digitally. As a digital marketing company in Kochi, here’s our 8 steps to build a solid digital brand.

1. Develop real deep insights into your target audience's offline and digital behaviour: This step shall have a high level picture based on Demographic information, general social media preferences, gadget choices etc.

Why this: It's to decide on the bigger digital choices such as setting goals, campaign ideas, and platforms to focus on.

2. Identify subjects which would be interesting for your target audience: This step focuses more on the group’s interests and choices. Their favourite brands, hot topics of discussion, movies, games, online sites and more.

Why this: Your target audience is not going to listen to you unless you communicate to them of things that matter to them, things and people they care about or communicate through their favourite platforms or people. Only when you know who, what and where their interest lies, you can't talk to them. By learning about your target audience's interest, you can create better marketing campaigns.

3. Fine tune your offering for your targeted audience's language and visual tastes: This is a critical step in your digital marketing, making a statement or a call to action or simply a caption that defines what your product or service to a customer. This central message is your USP or something else that's beautifully connecting to your customers dream. This proposition is often for a lifetime, at least for a few of your product.

Why this: This communication strategy helps you stay focused, plan everything around it. You can see every brand stands for something unique, apple famously for innovation.

4. Create campaigns, artworks, plan photography and videos for your targeted audience: The next step is where you actually see the result of planning and preparation done in the last stages. Campaigns are ideas which are developed for a certain period of time, targeting a particular feature, opportunity or season. They will drive different goals of the brand growth including brand image, followers, lead or sales. On social media, depending on the brand category, photography or videos are planned instead of campaigns to attain brand connection. Still campaigns are always planned around new products, offers etc.

Why this: Your brand's target audience keep changing and so do their preferences. To sustain the brand image in the radar of your targeted audience, different campaigns are to be planned in a timely manner.

5. Run these campaigns as ads on social media and other Paid ad Channels like AdWords: Times are gone where you have to wait to build a business, if you are prepared, digital ads allow you to reach your audience instantly. This is another vital step of your digital marketing campaign where all your efforts becomes fruitful. This is also the easiest of all. Upload your content, pay and you're ready to go.

Why this: There's no other faster way to reach your targeted customers. Ads must be a part of your plan if you're planning an aggressive marketing.

6. Manage organic social media presence by engaging your followers: As your organic followers on social media and direct visitors to your website grows, you should plan to engage them. They could be window shoppers, current customers or someone who's had a bad experience, you should be available, engage and develop relationships with your followers on social media. You shall have major social media platform accounts for customers to reach out to on their favourite social media platform. To engage, content shall be planned as a part of the ongoing campaigns.

Why this: People would have come through ads, they stay because you're giving them value.

7. Focus on building a strong follower base/fans which is a sustainable business today through consistent promotion and repeated campaigns: Some brands stop entertaining their followers once they reach a certain followers. This can be bad for your customers' brand experience. You shall make it a point to keep the engagement going to grow your followers and business.

Why this: Inconsistency is giving your customers away to your competitors.

8. Reporting: How you do shall be consistently tracked to avoid past mistakes, repeat what worked well and plan well for the future.

Why this: Help your business make better decisions by knowing what it takes to market your products or Launch a new one.

Bash SDM is a digital marketing company in Kochi, Kerala with strong content creation skills, design aptitude and an in depth understanding of digital marketing scope for various businesses. We offer complete digital marketing solutions which include a market analysis, digital strategy, digital campaigns, creative direction, design and implementation to all businesses.

We also work on stand-alone services like; Digital marketing consulting | Social media campaigns | Search engine optimization | Google Ads, Paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.

We also have a small business digital campaign plan: One time campaign; this include audience research, campaign idea, and creative design and setting up promotion. This will help small businesses run campaigns as they need without having to maintain an agency.

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