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Mortgage is a high ticket item purchased after a long time research in most cases. Since it involves one of the life-time decisions, mortgage marketing has to be an in-depth, helpful and fact based. Customers are at different life stages when they decide to purchase a home, refinance an existing mortgage or buy a second home or commercial property. Their questions start from various stages of knowledge and exposure. A marketing strategy that encompasses all type of customer queries is the minimum marketing effort in this segment.


One of the most common best practices in mortgage digital marketing is educating customers at their level of understanding. While strongly following the education line of communication, our approach is centered on creative interpretation of the educative content. The creative approach starts at our core principle of impress the user, inspire and engage. A win-win for the users and the client, this approach enables the client to ensure his position on search engines and relates with the customers on their need to understand mortgage. 


One message as a differentiator at a time. A campaign is a range of activities, creatives, write-ups, promotions, contests, ads and more around a single theme. This theme is applied to every channel of communication. This brand building exercise that doesn't clutter your messaging creates an impression in your customers's mind by repeatedly playing it to the customer with a range of promotional activities. We work with your team to develop campaigns that is your differentiator. Most companies have a strong reason why they're in business. Most mortgage companies have a single thing that differentiate them from the rest. We strive identify this strong emotional connect and build around it. A campaign lasts from 3 to 6 months or maybe even an year. 
Do you want to see what possible campaigns you can have? Or create an interesting campaign with your USP! Let's discuss (Link).


We develop content around the campaign for various platforms where your users engage with you. Be it search engines, social media platforms or videos, content is created to communicate the same message in different flavors. 


Usually a website development process goes through business analysis, requirement gathering, information architecture, wire-frames, design, art direction, photography or image buying, development and testing. What if you have it all ready, just to be customized for your needs? With years of experience in mortgage industry, customized software program like Encompass360 and have developed a few mortgage products, we have developed an information architecture, design structure and framework. Well, then what's the difference? Every mortgage banker or broker gets the same content? The difference is the campaign - your core messaging. We integrate your character into your content. The convincing part is totally your Unique Selling Proposition and every piece of content as articles, help, blog is written by mortgage experts.


Learn more about our website development process.


The mortgage SEO is an important aspect of your marketing. Your prospects start their mortgage research on your website has a very high probability that they will purchase the mortgage from you. While we're well equipped with SEO techniques, on-page and off-page activities, the core of our SEO is the content. As we have already mentioned in the website development service, we have created an infrastructure that neatly arranges the content required for a mortgage customer. A structure that's equally appealing to search engines and customers.


Well, what's the difference we bring to SEO? - This would be a structured approach in SEO optimized blogs in a timely manner. We'd also suggest activities and campaign extensions that garner PR.


The power of social media lies in real life stories, photography and activities captured in consistent manner. Based on our campaign idea, we will create a calendar for social media well in advance for the team to plan and be prepared to generate content. We're also capable of developing stunning creatives to capture attention of your targeted audience.

For more on our social media approach, visit; Social Media 


Review of the product or service is one of the most trusted source of genuine feedback on any company today. Google reviews have scored really well here. Well, the first step is to set your business up on Google business listings with all the questions answered. Then you'll need to be prompting your customers to leave you feedback on Google Reviews. Other specific review sites can also be considered. 


Quick videos communicate effectively with a large portion of audience today. Most social media platforms promote videos of shorter duration to satisfy their audience's need to consume useful information, quick. Animation or real videos, we'll create videos to suit your digital marketing campaign.

PAID ADS - Re-marketing, Programmed ads

When you have an interesting campaign, you need to leverage it! Without paid promotions, most platforms do not show business content to their users. Not just the campaign, we're now at a time when we can show ads based on our users buying stage. Not just pushing the users to generate a lead, brands today interact with them to create an interest by genuine content that helps. Use expertise to maximize your lead generation campaign and brand value creation.  Read more about our Paid marketing expertise.


Bash doesn't just stop at generating leads and developing a brand image, we are well versed in lead management software such as Jungo, Zoho etc. With us, you're just one step away from loan origination; an LOS. You can get started with the loan origination process from the forms you've up on the website, then pass it through your lead management software to LOS. We handle lead management for a reason, the communication element of lead management process can be well handled by us with the content expertise we have for customers at any stage of the buying process. 


Though the email campaigns are on a decline, interesting campaigns still do wonders. With titles that captures the attention of the TG, email campaigns can be used to drive traffic to your website or to generate leads based on offers made.

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